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Semi-Private Training

Targeted Training for All Ages, Fitness, and Experience Levels!

All Things Core!

Whether it's fitness, daily life, or anything in between, the core is, always has been, and always will be king!  All Things Core! is an hour-long, core-focused class that places great emphasis on not only your abs, but your trunk, stability, and so much more, to improve what we like to call your "foundational strength."


Boot Camp

Nothing screams, "Let's go!" like our Boot Camp class.  Arguably one of our our more broad and diverse classes, Boot Camp targets multiple muscle groups, often simultaneously, and aims to improve your strength and ability to move your body in space.  This one is a lot of fun!


Cardio Burst

Who said cardio is restricted to the treadmill?  Not at HQ!  Cardio Burst is a one-hour, action-packed, and low impact workout to help improve both your cardiovascular fitness and your body's ability to utilize oxygen.  Yes, cardio workouts can, indeed, be fun.  Here's proof!


Full Body  Fun(ctional Training)

A one-hour, full-body focused class to help strengthen and better prepare your body for daily activity (think: carrying, pulling, pushing, single-leg/arm strength and stability). We all perform all sorts of movements throughout everyday---often without realizing the different ways  in which we're stressing the body.  In this class, we take the time to break down these movements and improve the efficiency with which you go about your daily routine.

*Think: the strength you need to make everyday your best day!*


Upper Body Lift
With Doug


Strictly Strength

One hour of action-packed, full-body strength training to help improve the way your body moves and functions both inside and outside of the gym.  Throughout our 60 minutes together, our trainer(s) will help improve your form, add strength, and ensure you're getting the most out of each and every rep.  Strictly Strength is a class that's suitable for anyone and everyone and helps us all key in on a crucial cog in the fitness, health, and wellness machine: STRENGTH!

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