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Nutrition Consultation


-An initial conversation to discover more about you, your health/nutritional history, and any specific goals.

-Identify key areas of focus (areas of strength, weakness, and potential improvement).

-Through nutrition, learn how to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, rebalance hormones, reach your optimal weight and, ultimately, how to heal from the inside out.

-Discuss and develop the framework of a sustainable nutritional plan moving forward to help you look, and feel, your best every single day.

Grace Valentic (pictured right), our in-house nutritionist, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle Coach with over five years of experience in the professional space.   

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Nutrition Coaching

12 Weeks: $125/Wk

Following your nutrition consultation, this is where, together, we'll implement your nutritional plan.  And here's how we'll do it:

Meal Programming

You'll receive a detailed outline of what to eat, when to eat, and even when not to eat.  No more guess work.  Follow the plan, trust the process, and fall in love with the results. 

Resources (what you'll receive)


-Smoothie Recipes

-Foods to Eat

-Foods to Limit

-What to Eat When You're Away From Home

-Pre Workout Eating Guide

-Health(ier) Alcohol Swaps

-Eating Strategies for Any Situation

-and much, much more!


Throughout every week, we'll be in constant communication to make sure we're sticking to the plan and answering any and all questions that may arise. 


Healing from the inside out is the only way to achieve sustainable health.  That means rebalancing the gut (bacterially), rebalancing hormones, stabilizing blood sugar/fasting insulin, and reducing systemic inflammation.


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